Under 18

Project: Pretext.

Target: Cybernauts under 18.

Goal: Spreading the Gospel values in the social network while thinking outside the box and learning by doing good to others.

Proposals (choose 1 and implement it as your action):

  • Share that picture with close friends and challenge them to do the same with others;  
  • Podcast the Gospel in your native language and share our picture and your audio with your relatives and friends;
  • Chat with your friends about the picture of the Sunday's Gospel and write 1 word about it using www.menti.com; then, post the result in your social network (adding #Pretext);
  • Take 1 photo with your cellphone that illustrates better the theme of that Gospel and share it (adding #Pretext);
  • Save this picture as background in your tv or computer screen during the weekend;
  • Other action. 


Pictures and podcasts available here