Guatemala 2018

Meeting of evangelizers on the peripheries

General Prefecture of Apostolate | Claretian Missionaries

Guatemala, from May 28 until June 22018


Place: Claret Retreat House | Casa de Retiros Claret

Ciudad San Cristóbal, Zona 8 de Mixco, Guatemala C.A.



 1.  Favour workshops to analyse the reality, exchange experiences and training to be able to creatively evangelize in the peripheries [Action Plan of the General Government – 1st process, n. 1.2].

 2Give incentives, in our Centres for higher learning and publishing, for a new biblical-theological reflection oriented to prophetic dialogue [APGG 1.3].

 3.  Create spirituality materials that support agents of evangelization in the peripheries [APGG 1.4]


Actions((1st objective)

 A. Echoes from the online forum about “Conversion”


 B.Share good practices with Claretian DNA

 Geographic peripheries

 Social peripheries

 Cultural peripheries

 Digital peripheries

 Rural and metropolitan peripheries

 Peripheries of dialogue and of political-economic decision-making

 Peripheries of marginality, suffering and loneliness


 C. New guidelines for the analysis of reality in a Congregation going forth



 Actions((2nd objective)

 A. Reflections / conferences that can be shared through Claretian Publications and other media:

 Fredy Cabrera CMF (Centroamerica): The periphery in the heart of Jesus Christ and his disciples

 Andrea Riccardi (founder of Saint Egidio): The art of welcoming, serving, donating: today's Gospel?

 Cardinal Gregorio Rosa Chavez (El Salvador): Countries + catholic = catholic + social?

 Carlos Sánchez CMF (CESC): Claret on the peripheries of his world and time context

 Aquilino Bocos CMF (ITVC Madrid): Thought and praxis of proximity within the Claretian history

 José Cristo-Rey CMF (ITVC Madrid): From “Theology for the Mission” to a Mission for Theology


 B. Testimonies / interviews for, The Claretian Mission, Mission Alive


 C. Photographic exhibition on “peripheries” in the Basilica of the Immaculate Heart of Mary - Rome and, later, in the TICL and in our Centers of High Studies


 Actions((3rd objective)

 A. Creation of spirituality, artistic and digital resources that can be available in our e-Library

  Poems / prayers 

  Drawings / paintings 

  Photos - calendars / posters 

  Songs / videos /...



Cláudio Gregianini + José Francisco Andrade – São Paulo, Brasil

Gabriel Mejía – Hogares Claret, Medellín + Henry Ramírez Soler  Meta, Colombia

Jesús María Amatria – Jimani, Dominican Republic + Pablo Szulk – Guantánamo, Cuba

Félix de Lama - Panama y César Espinoza - Coordinator of SM-MICLA, Centroamérica

Marçal Pereira + André Pinheiro – Carvalhos, Portugal

Angelo Cupini – Lecco + Renato Caprioli – Trieste, Italia

Agustín Ortiz – Claret Enea-Bilbao + Joan Soler – Casal Claret-Vic, España

Arvin Bellen – Bacacay Albay + Lorenzo Larry – Ormoc, Philippines

Arturo Morales – Aborigen Center – Taipei, Taiwan - China

John Christy – Varod, Sri Lanka

Soosai Antony – Manasu, Chennai, India

Lawrence Ikeh – Kala’a, Nigeria + Casmir Ibe – Chad

Jude Thaddeus Langeh – Publicaciones Claretianas de Cameroun

Artur Teixeira (Prefecto Gen. de Apostolado) + Lord Winner (Procura General de Misiones)

Rohan Dominic (Coordinador de la presencia claretiana en ONU-NY, USA)

4 Speakers: José Cristo-Rey + Carlos Sanchez + Fredy Cabrera + Card. Gregorio Rosa Chavez 

Mario Kevin + Angel Ochagavia (translators)

Ismael Montero (Provincial Superior of Centroamérica & President of MICLA) 

José Vidal (Ejecutive Secretary of MICLA) 



Room and meals during the encounter paid by the General Prefecture of Apostolate;

Visa and travel to Guatemala paid by the Major Organism of the participant;

Cultural visit and contact with a local periphery offered by the Host Organism (Centroamérica);

Travel expenses and “pro labore” to the main speakers by the General Prefecture of Apostolate.

"¡Somos misioneros! La Misión pertenece a nuestra identidad más profunda". | "We are missionaries! The Mission belongs to the core of our most fundamental identity".

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