Vitamins in times of COVID-19

When so many of us are forced to remain responsibly at home during these days, deprived of meeting with family members, neighbors, fellow students or work colleagues, with the other members of the Christian community,... we launch here an apostolic challenge:

Share with us a prayer that you have just written for this occasion, a melody that you have composed that can strengthen the hope of the sick or of those who are alone, a good book that has inspired you and that you recommend for this time of trial, an initiative that you have had to thank the medical teams that are doing everything possible to save lives, a campaign of solidarity in favor of someone more vulnerable at this time,...

We are missionaries!

Please, take good care of you, of yours (community, family, friends, collaborators), of your neighboor, too. And be apostolically creative on these times of coronavirus.  

Keep faithful to your missionary call, praying to God for them while journeying and being in touch with each one from your heart / room / office / chapel for instance through your cellphone.


"¡Somos misioneros! La Misión pertenece a nuestra identidad más profunda". | "We are missionaries! The Mission belongs to the core of our most fundamental identity".

MS 1 (Cf. CC 2; Dir 26.)