Claretian Educational Exchange


A "win-win" experience.

In a continuous process of learning, putting into practice, evaluating, celebrating, improving, innovating, auditing,… so our schools will go forth and become more credible according to our charism and standards.

An initiative of the General Prefecture of Apostolate -> Evangelize through Education | Education as Evangelization (*).



·  Increase the openness to the universality of the Congregation in the field of schools.

·  Facilitate the network between emerging and mature realities of Claretian evangelization in schools to reach greater knowledge and collaboration.

·  Present the orientations of the Claretian schools with many years of journey to the Organisms that are in the initial stages of it (as evangelization).

·  Share the educational reality, needs, achievements and new initiatives of those who have recently started the missionary work in schools, to members of the schools where the experience described in the previous objective has been carried out.


Target: Two groups of Claretian Educators from East Nigeria, Saint Charles Lwanga and West Nigeria will go to Santiago – Spain.

Number of recipients: 14 (each group made up of 7 CMFF maximum). 

Duration: 9 days (1st day = arrival, 7 days of work-experience, last day = departure).

Dates of realization in Santiago – Spain:

            1st Claretian Educational Exchange Group: from 10 of November until 18 of November 2018

            2nd Claretian Educational Exchange Group: from 9 of February until 17 of February 2019.


Main contents and experiences of the experience in Santiago – Spain:

Congregational approach in Education, Education Ministry, Claretian and Catholic Pedagogy, Innovation, Organization, Teachers training, Claretian Board,...  

Visit different Claretian schools, an example of a school-parish, other models, apostolate in Claretian University Residences,…   

Evaluation and continuity of the experience.


Places of residence, meals, work and visits: Madrid, Segovia and Aranda de Duero.

Transport: 1 van.


Co-participated trip up to a limit of 1.000 € per CMF paid by the General Prefecture of the Apostolate, plus displacement trips in Spain during the days of this "Claretian Educational Exchange" program.

Accommodation and meals in Spain: in our Claretian communities and schools, sponsored by those communities / Provincial Administration of Santiago.

Passport, visa, gifts and personal purchases: paid by each participant / his Major Organism.


NoteWe are not going to have any other visits outside Santiago Province neither do extend the stay after this program. The invitation letter that will be sent from Spain to each participant is only to attend this program. Our General Prefecture of Apostolate as well as Santiago Province are not able to accompany, neither do assist in any other extra program. 


As a “win-win” experience, then, in November 2019, CMFF and teachers from Santiago Province (maximum of 7 members) will visit Claretian schools in Nigeria and its missionary environment.

Later one it will be announced the concrete dates, countries and places, the content and experiences (there is a possibility to plan a workshop or intensive course for students, teachers, staff or other members of the educational community according to local needs and to the skills of those CMFF/teachers who will go there), and other practical matters of that 3rd Claretian Educational Exchange. 




Evangelize through Education | Education as Evangelization 


(*) The other 2 initiatives are:



The experience of "Claretian Educational Exchange" (previous point) has to be considered as initial contact experience between the educational reality of Major Organisms that are beginning this ministry with those who have a greater tradition in this regard. One of the possible consequences of these exchanges is that some of the Major Organisms want to send someone to have a wider and more effective experience of what this ministry, organization and its dynamics entail. It can be provided in Santiago – Spain as well as in Brazil, San José del Sur, Peru,….

During the "Claretian Educational Exchange" experience as well as at the next Congress of Claretian Educators this long-term experience on education ministry can be presented. We can exemplify this with the Santiago option, which will last for 2 years.

The long-term experience in Santiago would have these work modules:

• Learning Spanish language (if necessary)

• Master's Degree in Education Ministry (1st year at La Salle)

• Master's Degree in Executive Direction and Management of Educational Centers (2nd year in Comillas in collaboration with “Escuelas Católicas” [Catholic Schools])

• Biennium of Pastoral Theology focused on education (at La Salle, during weekdays)

• Tutoring for learning a functioning school-parish 

• Knowledge of the Claretian Ownership Team (and other ecclesial organizations, such as “Escuelas Católicas”) that coordinates and supervises the school action

• Participation in pastoral activities within the school (prayers, celebrations, oratories,...) and extracurricular activities (Claret Youth Center, social gatherings, Easter for youth, Summer camps, ...) of Santiago Province. 



Date and place: 2-6 of November, 2021 in Mongomo - Equatorial Guinea. 

Organized by the Claretian Family. 

Theme: "Towards a transformative Claretian education".

Target: Educators from the Claretian Family who evangelize in schools and institutions of high education. 

To check out the program and other details, visit our website. 

Claretian Educational Exchange

"¡Somos misioneros! La Misión pertenece a nuestra identidad más profunda". | "We are missionaries! The Mission belongs to the core of our most fundamental identity".

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