Guatemala 2018

Meeting of evangelizers on the peripheries

General Prefecture of Apostolate | Claretian Missionaries

Guatemala, from May 28 until June 22018


Place: Claret Retreat House | Casa de Retiros Claret

Ciudad San Cristóbal, Zona 8 de Mixco, Guatemala C.A.



 1.  Favour workshops to analyse the reality, exchange experiences and training to be able to creatively evangelize in the peripheries [Action Plan of the General Government – 1st process, n. 1.2].

 2Give incentives, in our Centres for higher learning and publishing, for a new biblical-theological reflection oriented to prophetic dialogue [APGG 1.3].

 3.  Create spirituality materials that support agents of evangelization in the peripheries [APGG 1.4]

     the analysis of reality in a Congregation going forth


Actions((1st objective)

 A. Echoes from the online forum about “Conversion”


 B.Share good practices with Claretian DNA [by the participants or online conversation with each “periphery”]

 Geographic peripheries

 Social peripheries

 Cultural peripheries

 Digital peripheries

 Rural and metropolitan peripheries

 Peripheries of dialogue and of political-economic decision-making

 Peripheries of marginality, suffering and loneliness


 C. New guidelines for the analysis of reality in a Congregation going forth



 Actions((2nd objective)

 A. Reflections / conferences that can be shared through Claretian Publications and other media:

 Fredy Cabrera CMF (Centroamerica): The periphery in the heart of Jesus Christ and his disciples

 Andrea Riccardi (founder of Saint Egidio): The art of welcoming, serving, donating: today's Gospel?

 Cardinal from Latin America: Countries + catholic = catholic + social?

 Carlos Sánchez CMF (CESC): Claret on the peripheries of his world and time context

 Aquilino Bocos CMF (ITVC Madrid): Thought and praxis of proximity within the Claretian history

 José Cristo-Rey CMF (ITVC Madrid): From “Theology for the Mission” to a Mission for Theology


 B. Testimonies / interviews for, The Claretian Mission, Mission Alive


 C. Photographic exhibition on “peripheries” in the Basilica of the Immaculate Heart of Mary - Rome and, later, in the TICL and in our Centers of High Studies


 Actions((3rd objective)

 A. Creation of spirituality, artistic and digital resources that can be available in our e-Library

  Poems / prayers (Pedro Casaldaliga, ...)

  Drawings / paintings (Cerezo Barredo, ...)

  Photos - calendars / posters (Angelo Cuppini, ...)

  Songs / videos /...


 Participants invited

Cláudio Gregianini + José Francisco Andrade – São Paulo, Brasil

Henry Ramírez Soler – Meta + Gabriel Mejía  Hogares Claret, Medellín, Colombia

Enrique Mascorro or Mario Segovia – Dispensario del ValleMéxico

Jesús María Amatria – Jimani, Dominican Republic + Pablo Szulk – Guantánamo, Cuba

Angelo Cupini – Lecco + Renato Caprioli – Trieste, Italia

Marçal Pereira + José Maia – Carvalhos, Portugal

Agustín Ortiz – Claret Enea-Bilbao + Joan Soler – Casal Claret-Vic, España

Arvin Bellen – Bacacay Albay + Lorenzo Larry – Ormoc, Philippines

Arturo MoralesAborigen Center Taipei, Taiwan, China + Josep M. Abella – Osaka, Japon

John Christy – Varod, Sri Lanka

Soosai Antony – Manasu, Chennai, India

Lawrence Ikeh – Kala’a, Nigeria + Casmir Ibe – Chad

Robert N’Djoli – Congo

Jude Thaddeus Langeh – Claretian Publications from Cameroun

Joseph Pitchai – South Sudan


Artur Teixeira (General Prefect of Apostolate) + Lord Winner (General Mission Procure) +

Rohan Dominic (Claretian presence at UN-NY, USA) + Speakers (4)

Mario Kevin + Angel Ochagavia (translators Spanish English)

Ismael Montero (Provincial of Centroamérica) + Félix de Lama y César Espinoza (SM-MICLA)

President of MICLA + Executive Secretary of MICLA




Room and meals during the encounter paid by the General Prefecture of Apostolate;

Visa and travel to Guatemala paid by the Major Organism of the participant (to be included on the budget of 2018);

Cultural visit and contact with a local periphery offered by the Host Organism (Centroamérica);

Travel expenses and “pro labore” to the main speakers by the General Prefecture of Apostolate.

"¡Somos misioneros! La Misión pertenece a nuestra identidad más profunda". | "We are missionaries! The Mission belongs to the core of our most fundamental identity".

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