En la vida comunitaria

“Reading this question and because we are finalizing the communitarian project, the first reference was to explain some of the expressions that we want to reflect in it about our community. I am member of a multicultural community, and a member of a multicultural group of missionaries.

After praying, discerning and sharing some points in our multicultural community we agreed that we are lacking freedom to share many issues in our community because of different backgrounds, ages, cultures, languages of origin and Claretian formation. We realize that is very important to know one another and to communicate as community, to be interested in knowing the lives of the others, family, culture, country problems, etc can be the foundation for that freedom of expression that is not easy to get, and sometimes we take for granted.

That step will help us to be free to express issues of our cultures of origin that we enjoy or that disgust us; also to inform about the interests that we have in life and ministry to others and how to take care about them; also to feel good or with enough confidence with the brothers that we can say things openly and the other person is not going to feel bad or intrusive.

It is important to be able to express with that freedom our weaknesses and vulnerabilities, avoiding the extreme isolation, looking always for the balance between the privacy and the communitarian tasks.

We saw important the diversity as richness, so we will care that the visits from brothers of other communities of our same origin or relatives and friends will be done in the same way.

Another important area to work with is the fraternal encouragement and correction, expressing always how the person is doing well, praying for the brother, and not keep quiet, coming to him and expressing with words the wonders that we discover, the same wonders that maybe provoke jealous in us. I saw this more important than continuous corrections one to one or in front of others that many times provoke wounds. 

We are Claretian Missionaries living in community with a clear mission, is important that when there is a clash or a problem, or a disagreement among the brothers we try to resolve it with dialogue. Let us try to come to the community discernment with requested ministries and proposed activities to avoid hidden (personal) agendas that affects the community life.” _____ Joaquín Bejar [Coordinator of the Mission, Harare - Zimbabwe]


"¡Somos misioneros! La Misión pertenece a nuestra identidad más profunda". | "We are missionaries! The Mission belongs to the core of our most fundamental identity".

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