En la pastoral parroquial

Para mi "Misioneros en comunidad" es nuestra primera manera de evangelizar en América del Norte, donde existen comunidades intergeneracionales e interculturales, desde donde hacemos presente el Reino de Dios en medio de una sociedad individualista y egoísta. Nuestra vida comunitaria nos ayuda a mejor realizar nuestra misión en la Iglesia y en el Mundo, mostrando los valores del Reino donde nos encontramos "Teniendo un sólo corazón, una sola alma y todo en común". Nuestro aprecio y respeto por el hermano nos hace ser portadores de un mensaje escatológico al mundo de hoy y se convierte en fuerza renovadora y evangélica en nuestro servicio misionero al estílo de Claret. _____ Fernando Ferrera [Prefecto Prov. de Apostolado USA-Canada, comunidad parroquial en Sherbrooke-Québec, Canada] 


"Missionary in community" in the context of the Akropong community means being sent in this community to share in the peoples life and situation thereby making meaningful contribution in their life. We reflect a great sign of God's care and love in this community. Our presence reassures them of God's love and presence among them. Through our ministry the people certainly experience God's salvific mission and deliverance. Moreso, as agents of the Word of God, the people experiences transformation and spiritual growth through our words and lifestyle. The word of God which we share with them enlightens them as they struggle to improve their situation through the special grace of God. We are called not to condemn them, but to be a source of hope to them. Despite their different difficulties and challenges facing them in the community, we draw their attention to God, who alone can alleviate their problems. In the course of our ministry, we encourage them to appreciate and be positive with their daily sacrifices and therefore see them as a means of purification as well as a cross that eventually leads them to eternal salvation. _____ Japhet Nchekwube [parish priest at Akropong, Kumasi, Ghana].


CAPTION: We own our missionary challenges too, in common. The Claretian community life derives from the first Christian community who had one mind and heart and owned everything in common (cf. Acts 4:32). In the parish setting, the demands of the poor, the less privileged, the sick, the needy etc. are both enormous and challenging. It thus becomes necessary to:

a) Attend to the demands of our brothers and sisters in needy with a common spirit and vision [owning these challenges in common].

b) Already brothers, become in addition, friends who with love, happily spend times together to pray, eat and plan apostolates, while being ready to work against everything that hinders peace and true friendship.

c) In humility, like Jesus (Phil. 2:6), deny one’s pride to live in the same level with other members of the community.

d) Being at home with the inter-generational and inter-cultural reality of the congregation and working towards its harmony. _____ Casmir Ibe [Coordinator of Chad Mission, parish priest at Sarh].

"¡Somos misioneros! La Misión pertenece a nuestra identidad más profunda". | "We are missionaries! The Mission belongs to the core of our most fundamental identity".

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