En la formación de evangelizadores

A CMF evangelizer “open to the whole world in prophetic dialogue” (MS 58-63) within the formation of lay evangelizers: St. Charles Lwanga Independent Delegation includes Uganda as a mission area. The first mission in Uganda for the earliest Claretians was in Jinja Diocese, Kiyunga Parish. Here we are privileged to work in different apostolates. I work in the Catechetical Training Centre. It is enriching being with those people willing to work as Catechists in the Church. They come from different backgrounds which calls for a dialogue. The prophetic dialogue comes in mainly when I have to confront whatever is contrary to the demands of a lay evangelizer and also when I have to encourage whatever is good. Because it is a in prophetic manner, am impelled to do it with love, open to their cultural backgrounds, and I have found it enriching. Together with them, we find the best means to enrich our faith and the faith of others._____Amos Moses, CMF (St. Gonzaga Catechetical Centre - Kiyunga, Jinja, Uganda - Saint Charles Lwanga Ind. Delegation).


As we live in a global world today, we cannot live a life that closes itself to the wider world. Whether we like it or not, we need to remain open if we want to be evangelizers in the world of today. The wider world offers us immense possibilities for evangelization. This is our inescapable context. God continues to speak to us in the context of the multitude of voices and noises, created and fabricated also by the humans. All we need is a discerning heart and mind, the ability to process the content of these communications in the horizon of God’s all-pervading presence. The challenge of prophecy today is to raise the awareness and develop a perception that lay in the direction of God’s Kingdom. The content of the various channels of communications must be processed and discerned to see what directs us to the promotion of the reign of God in the world of today. This is the direction that we must take in all forms of dialogue that we enter into. We really need a modern hermeneutic, to see how to place the truths of the Gospel in “new wineskins”. This process really calls for a re-examination, re-contextualization and a re-grounding. To engage in prophetic dialogue, we need to rethink and reground religious values in dialogue with the pluralistic world that we live in. “Simply re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic” is not enough. We should be ready to undergo a process of internal conversion that calls for the dying of customs, of ways of thinking, modes of behaviour, of world views, systems, and traditions that we may have been too familiar. Also needed is the capacity for excellent relational skills that do not threaten or impose but come across as genuine invitations to develop rapport and build bridges, including skills for networking with all those who are filled with the passion for God and passion for humanity. Such people can be found all across the wider spectrum of humanity. Are we ready for this adventure, the missionary project of the Holy Spirit?_____Xavier E. Manavath, CMF (Claret Nivas, India - Province of Bangalore).

"¡Somos misioneros! La Misión pertenece a nuestra identidad más profunda". | "We are missionaries! The Mission belongs to the core of our most fundamental identity".

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