Visit to the Claretian presence at the UN - NY (USA)

From April 8 until 14, 2018, the General Prefect of Apostolate and President of the Board of Proclade Internazionale attended the 51st session of the Commission on Population and Development at the UN headquarters, as well as some Working Groups on our areas of focus and Side Events, and also did meet other ECOSOC NGOs on such important forum.

He had also the chance to meet personally the General Secretary of the UN, António Guterres.

Stay in touch with the Claretians at the UN, a joint effort with those seeking the transformation of the world, bridging our grassroots with the United Nations.

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"¡Somos misioneros! La Misión pertenece a nuestra identidad más profunda". | "We are missionaries! The Mission belongs to the core of our most fundamental identity".

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